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Tulsa, Oklahoma

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

7:00 AM–4:00 PM     Registration

7:00 AM–8:00 AM     Continental Breakfast – Seville Foyer

8:00 AM–9:15 AM     Plenary Session I: Seville I-II

                                    Welcome: Dr. Charles Baukal

                                    Speaker Introduction: Prof. Ajay Agrawal

8:15 AM–9:15            Plenary Talk I: Prof. Robert P. Lucht (Ralph & Bettye Bailey Professor of Combustion at Purdue University)


                                    Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Normand Laurendeau (1944-2012)

                                    Announcements: Dr. Charles Baukal (Local Host)

9:15 AM–9:35 AM                                                                  COFFEE BREAK – Seville Foyer


A1: Laminar Flames: Applications


Salon III

Session Chair:  Dr. Viswanath Katta

B1: IC Engine Combustion Fundamentals

Seville III

Session Chair:  Dr. Timothy Jacobs

C1: Kinetics


Salon VIII

Session Chair: Dr. Scott Goldsborough

D1: Diagnostics


Salon IX

Session Chair:  Dr. Sundar Krishnan


A101:  Laminar Flame Speed of Methane with Ethane and Ethylene Addition
Anibal Morones Ruelas,

Sankaranarayanan Ravi, Travis Sikes, Charles Keesee, Eric Petersen
Texas A&M University

B101:  Efficient Implementation of Detailed Soot Models in Internal Combustion Engine Simulations
Zhaoyu Luo1, Mandhapati Raju1, Peter Kelly Senecal1, Harry Lehtiniemi2, Cathleen Perman2, Fabian Mauss3, Tushar Shethaji, Yuanhong Li4

1Convergent Science, Inc

2Loge AB

3Brandenburg University of Technology

4Caterpillar, Inc.


C101:  Monte Carlo Simulations for Uncertainty Analysis in Modeling Single Pulse Shock Tube Data
Aleksandr Fridlyand1, Scott Goldsborough2, Kenneth Brezinsky1
1University of Illinois at Chicago

2Argonne National Laboratory

D101:  Spatial Temperature Distribution of Combustion Products from Energetic Metallic Composite Reactions
Keerti Kappagantula1, Charles Crane2, Michelle Pantoya1

1Texas Tech University

2Los Alamos National Laboratory


A102:  Global and In-Flame Combustion Characteristics of Laminar Partially Premixed and Pre-Vaporized Flames of

Jet A Fuel and Palm Methyl Ester

Arun Balakrishnan, Ramkumar Parthasarathy, Subramanyam Gollahalli

University of Oklahoma

B102:  A Multi-Component Blend as a Diesel Fuel Surrogate for Compression Ignition Engine Applications

Yuanjiang Pei1, Wei Liu1, Marco Mehl2, Sibendu Som1,Tianfeng Lu3, William Pitz2
1Argonne National Laboratory

2Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

3University of Connecticut


C102:  Dissociation of 2-Methyl Furan at High Temperatures
Patrick Lynch, Christopher Annesley, King Yiu Lam, Robert Tranter
Argonne National Laboratory

D102:  Transient Infrared Spectroscopic Measurements of Reactive Materials Using an Echelle Spectrometer
David Allen, Michael Clemenson,

Herman Krier, Nick G Glumac
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


A103:  Ignition Delay Time and Laminar Flame Speed Measurements of Propene
Olivier Mathieu1, Charles Keesee1,

Anibal Morones1, Sinˇad Burke2, Henry Curran2, Eric Petersen1
1Texas A&M University

2National University of Ireland

B103:  Fundamental Study of a Single-Point Lean Direct Injector Part II: A Comparison of Cold Flow and Burning Measurements

Yolanda Hicks, Sarah Tedder, Kathleen Tacina, Robert Anderson

NASA Glenn Research Center


C103:  The Role of Addition-Elimination Reactions in Small Oxygenate Flames
Nicole Labbe, Raghu Sivaramakrishnan, Stephen Klippenstein
Argonne National Laboratory

D103:  Development of a Mid-IR Carbon Monoxide Sensor for a High-Pressure Combustor Rig
Alejandro Camou1, David M Cusano2 Eric Petersen1,

1Texas A&M University 

2Parametric Solutions Inc.

10:35 AM–10:55 AM                                                              COFFEE BREAK – Seville Foyer


A2: Laminar Flames, Microgravity Combustion

Salon III

Session Chair:  Dr. Indrek Wichman

B2: IC Engine Physics


Seville III

Session Chair:  Dr. Sibendu Som

C2: Kinetics (Shock Tubes)

Salon VIII

Session Chair: Dr. Raghu Sivaramakrishnan

D2: Diagnostics


Salon IX

Session Chair: Dr. Eric Petersen


A201:  Radiative Exchange During Concurrent Flame Spread in Microgravity
Sandra Olson
NASA Glenn Research Center


B201:  Exergy Destruction During Combustion in IC Engines: Fundamental Correlations
Jerald Caton
Texas A&M University

C201:  A Shock Tube Laser Schlieren Study of Nitromethane Dissociation: Looking for the Isomerization Channel
Christopher Annesley, Robert Tranter
Argonne National Laboratory


D201:  X-Ray Fluorescence as a Gas-Phase Mixing Diagnostic

Alan Kastengren

Argonne National Laboratory


A202:  Transient Responses of Jet Diffusion Flames to a DC Electric Field in Microgravity

Fumiaki Takahashi1, Hakop Nagapetyan2, Dennis Stocker3, Derek Dunn-Rankin4

1Case Western Reserve University, 2NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program, 3NASA GRC, 4Univ. of California Irvine

B202:  A Versatile Computationally Efficient Combustion Trajectory Predication Model for Diesel Combustion
Joshua Bittle, Timothy J Jacobs
Texas A&M University

C202:  Using UV Absorption Spectroscopy to Measure the Time History of the Hydroxyl Radical in a Shock Tube
Clayton Mulvihill, Christopher Aul,

Sebastien Thion, Eric Petersen
Texas A&M University

D202:  Quenching-Free Detection of Nitric Oxide via Time-Resolved Parametric Four-Wave Mixing
Hans Stauffer1, Waruna Kulatilaka1,

Sukesh Roy1, James Gord2
1Spectral Energies, LLC

2Air Force Research Laboratory


A203:  Gaseous Non-Premixed Flame Research Planned for the International Space Station
Dennis Stocker1, Fumiaki Takahashi2,

Mark Hickman1, Andrew Suttles1

1NASA Glenn Research Center

2Case Western Reserve University

B203:  Reaction-Space Analysis of Premixed and Direct Injected Fueling in the Context of HCCI Combustion Under Positive and Negative Valve Overlap Conditions

Janardhan Kodavasal1, George Lavoie1, Dennis Assanis2, Jason Martz1

1University of Michigan 

2Stony Brook University


C203:  High Repetition Rate Miniature Shock Tube for Synchrotron Based Combustion Measurements
Patrick Lynch 1, King Yiu Lam2,

Christopher Annesley2, Robert Tranter2

1University of Michigan

2Argonne National Laboratory

D203:  An Approach to Thermocouple Measurements that Reduces Uncertainties Associated with Radiative Corrections
Siddharth Krishnan, Richard L Axelbaum
Washington University in St. Louis



A204:  Flame Spread over Thick PMMA in Simulated Microgravity Conditions in a Narrow Channel Apparatus

Ashwin Hariharan1, Indrek Wichman1, G. Bornand2, F. Miller2

1Michigan State University

2San Diego State University

B204:  The Role of Specific Heats Concerning Efficiency Increases for IC Engines
Jerald Caton
Texas A&M University


C204:  A New Shock-Tube Facility for the Study of High-Temperature Chemical Kinetics
Jose Vivanco1, Daniel Pastrich2, James Anderson3, Eric Petersen1
1Texas A&M University

2Brandenburg Univ. of Applied Sciences,

3Angelo State University


D204:  Development of a Burner System and Laser-Diagnostic Method to Characterize Soot Evolution for Diesel-Relevant Fuels
Sara Fletcher1, Zackery Morris2, Brian Fisher2

1Washington University

2University of Alabama

12:15 PM–1:40 PM                                                  LUNCH / ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING – Salon V

                                                                                              Teacher Outreach Program Presentation I


1:40 PM–2:40 AM     Plenary Session II: Seville I-II

                                    Speaker Introduction: Dr. Charles Finney

                                    Plenary Talk II – Dr. Thomas M. Korb (Global R&D Director, John Zink)

                                    CHALLENGES IN INDUSTRIAL COMBUSTION R&D

                                    James E. Peters Plenary Lecture


A3: Sooting Flames, Turbulent Flames

Salon III

Session Chair:  Dr. Albert Ratner

B3: IC Engine Flow Physics, Ignition and Instabilities

Seville III

Session Chair:  Dr. Jerald Caton

C3: Heterogeneous Combustion and Propellants I

Salon VIII

Session Chair:  Dr. Steve Son

D3: Droplet & Sprays


Salon IX

Session Chair:  Dr. Michael Benjamin


A301:  Study of Soot Morphology in a Co-Flow Diffusion Methane Oxy-Flame

Juan F Correa Pugliese, Daniel Orr, Wilson Merchan-Merchan

University of Oklahoma

B301: Fundamental Study of a Single-Point Lean Direct Injector. Part III: Unsteady Effects
Kathleen Tacina, Yolanda R Hicks, Sarah Tedder
NASA Glenn Research Center


C301:  Experimental Investigation of Coal Combustion in Coal-Laden Methane Jets
Rajavasanth Rajasegar, Dimitrios Kyritsis
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig

D301:  Impact of Air to Liquid Mass Ratio on the Spray Features in the Near Field of a Flow-Blurring Atomizer

Lulin Jiang, Ajay Agrawal

University of Alabama


A302:  Soot in Jet Diffusion Flames Established with Various Fuel Blends
Viswanath Katta1, YeFu Wang2, Thomas Litzinger2, M. Linevsky2, S. Iyer2, R. Santoro2, William M Roquemore3

1Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.

2The Pennsylvania State University

3Air Force Research Laboratory

B302:  Premixed Tulip Shaped Flames in a Rectangular Combustion Chamber

Ashwin Hariharan, Indrek Wichman

Michigan State University


C302:  Combustible Mixtures for Oxygen and Hydrogen Generation Based on Mechanically Alloyed Al/Mg Powder
Daniel Rodriguez1, Marco Machado1, Yasmine Aly2, Mirko Schoenitz2, Edward L Dreizin2, Evgeny Shafirovich1
1University of Texas at El Paso

2New Jersey Institute of Technology


D302:  Cool-Flame Extinction During n-Alkane Droplet Combustion in Microgravity
Vedha Nayagam1, Daniel Dietrich1,

Michael C Hicks1, Forman Williams2
1NASA Glenn Research Center

2University of California


A303:  Soot Formation in Nonpremixed Biodiesel Flames: From Variation of Oxygen Concentration to Fuel Blending Effects

Juan Correa-Pugliese, Stephen McCollam, Wilson Merchan-Merchan

University of Oklahoma

B303:  Study of Natural Gas Engine Combustion Characteristics Under Various Ignition Timings
Jue Li1, Ken Ashraph2, Gerardo Mendez2, Tim Jacobs1
1Texas A&M University 

2Cameron International

C303:  Mechanical Properties of Composite AP/HTPB Propellants with Titania Nanoparticles
James Thomas1, Andrew Demko1,

Thomas Sammet1, David Reid2, Sudipta Seal2, Eric Petersen1

1Texas A&M University

2University of Central Florida


D303:  Combustion Characteristics of Liquid Fuels with the Addition of Energetic Nanoparticles: The Effect of Droplet Size
Saad Tanvir, Li Qiao
Purdue University


A304:  Quantitative Imaging of Radiation Intensity from a Turbulent Sooting Jet Flame
Robert Kapaku1, Brent Rankin2, Jay Gore1
1Purdue University

2Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.

B304:  Long-Timescale Combustion Instabilities in Spark-Ignited Engines
Charles Finney1, Brian Kaul1, Derek Splitter1, Stuart Daw1, Robert Wagner1, Michelle Edwards2
1Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2Tennessee Technological University

C304:  Modified Burning Rates of Aqueous HAN Solutions Containing Methanol and Metal Oxides
Kenneth McCown, Eric Petersen
Texas A&M University



4:00 PM–4:20 PM                                                                    COFFEE BREAK – Seville Foyer




A4: Turbulent Flames and Burners


Salon III

Session Chair:  Dr. Charles Baukal

B4: Dual Fuel Combustion Engines


Seville III

Session Chair:  Dr. Kalyan Srinivasan

C4: Kinetics


Salon VIII

Session Chair:  Dr. Robert Tranter

D4: Alternative Fuels


Salon IX

Session Chair:  Dr. Kathleen Tacina


A401:  Turbulent Interactions with Normal Shocks and Their Effects on Fuel Particle Burn Time
Shuyue Guo, H. Krier, Nick Glumac
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B401:  Two-Stage Ignition and NTC Phenomenon in a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine
Xiao Fu, Suresh K Aggarwal
University of Illinois at Chicago


C401:  Rate Constants and Branching Ratios for H-Atom Abstractions in Small Alkanes
Sebastian Peukert, Raghu Sivaramakrishnan, Joe Michael
Argonne National Laboratory

D401:  Ignition Delay Time Measurements Behind Reflected Shock Waves for a Representative Coal-Derived Syngas with and without NH3 and H2S Impurities
Olivier Mathieu, Joshua Hargis, Alejandro Camou, Clayton Mulvihill, Eric Petersen
Texas A&M University



A402:  Ignition of Premixed Methane/Air Mixtures Using a Hot Turbulent Jet Generated by Prechamber Combustion
Sayan Biswas, Li Qiao
Purdue University


B402:  Progress in Dual Fuel Combustion Engines – A Review

Manikanda Rajagopal1, S Balasubramanian2

1Indiana University/Purdue University

2University of Windsor

C402:  An Investigation of Phase-Change Behavior in RCM Experiments with Large Molecular Weight Fuels
Colin Banyon, Scott Goldsborough
Argonne National Laboratory


D402:  A Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Moisture Content on Pyrolysis and Combustion of Live Fuels

Bangalore Yashwanth1, Babak Shotorban1, Shankar Mahalingam1, David Weise2

1The University of Alabama in Huntsville

2Pacific Southwest Research Station



A403:  Effect of Velocity Variation and Driving Pressure Amplitude on Global and Local Flame Response

Jianan Zhang, Kelsey Kaufman, Albert Ratner
University of Iowa

B403:  Characterization of Particle Emissions from Dual Fuel Partially Premixed Low Temperature Combustion

Sundar Rajan Krishnan,

Kalyan Kumar Srinivasan,

Mostafa Raihan, Edward Guerry

Mississippi State University


C403:  Effect of Hydrogen Addition on the Turbulent Displacement Speeds of Natural Gas Blends (C1-C5 Alkanes)

Sankar Ravi, Eric Petersen

Texas A&M University

D403:  Effect of FuelsÕ Heating Value and Air to Liquid Mass Ratio on Twin Fluid Atomizer Spray Combustion

Yonas Niguse, Ajay Agrawal

University of Alabama

Banquet at Gilcrease Museum

5:30 PM          Bus Departs Hotel for Gilcrease Museum

6:00 PM          Cocktails

6:30 PM          Museum Tour

7:15 PM          Dinner / Entertainment

9:00 PM          Return to Hotel




7:15 AM–12:00 PM   Registration

7:15 AM–8:15 AM     Continental Breakfast – Seville Foyer

8:00 AM–9:15 AM     Plenary Session III: Seville I-II

                                    Speaker Introduction:  Dr. Charles Baukal

8:15 AM–9:15 AM     Plenary Talk III - Prof. Tim Coburn (Professor of Energy & Operations Management and Director, Graduate Program

                                                                    in Energy Business at University of Tulsa)


9:15 AM–9:25 AM                                                                  COFFEE BREAK – Seville Foyer


A5: Detonation


Salon III

Session Chair:  Dr. Charles Finney

B5: Flame Speed, Additives and Aluminum Combustion

Seville III

Session Chair:  Dr. Ajay Agrawal

C5: Heterogeneous Combustion and Propellants II

Salon VIII

Session Chair: Dr. Evgeny Shafirovich

D5:  Heterogeneous Combustion and Propellants III

Salon IX

Session Chair:  Dr. Patrick Lynch


A501:  The Effect of Non-Uniform Distribution of Obstacles on Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition (DDT)
Camilo Rosas, Hao Chen, Sam Mannan, Eric L Petersen,
Texas A&M University

B501:  Experimental Study of the Addition Effects of CF3I on the Oxidation Properties of Light Hydrocarbons
Olivier Mathieu1, Jules Goulier2, Francois Gourmel2, Sam Mannan1, Nabiha Chaumeix2, Eric Petersen1
1Texas A&M University

2ICARE - CNRS – Orleans


C501:  Enhancing Flame Propagation for Micron-Scale Pre-Stressed Aluminum Particles
Jena Mccollum1, Michelle Pantoya1,
Valery Levitas2
1Texas Tech University

2Iowa State University

D501:  Direct Measurement of Heat Release During Aluminum Combustion
Matthew Fitzgerald, David Allen, Herman Krier, Nick G Glumac,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



A502:  Effect of Obstacles on Turbulent Flames in a Rectangular Combustion Chamber

Ashwin Hariharan, Indrek Wichman

Michigan State University

B502:  The Effects of Particle Size and Packing Density on Microwave Heating of Aluminum Powder Compacts

Evan Vargas, Keerti Kappagantula, Michelle Pantoya, B. Weeks, M. Saed
Texas Tech University

C502:  Altering Agglomeration in a Composite Propellant with Aluminum-Silicon Eutectic Alloy

B. C. Terry1, M. A. Rubio1, R. Ramachandran1, S. F. Son1, L. J. Groven2

1Purdue University

2South Dakota Scholl of Mines


D502:  Development of a CO2 Laser Ignition System to Test Solid Propellant Strands
Andrew Demko, Eric Petersen
Texas A&M University


A503:  Blast Enhancement of Aluminum-Based Structural Reactive Materials Subjected to Explosive Detonation
Michael Clemenson, Herman Krier, Nick G Glumac
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


B503:  Influence of Nano-Aluminum on Stoichiometric Methane-O2-N2 Laminar Flame Speed

T. Sikes, M. S. Mannan, E. L. Petersen

Texas A&M University

C503:  Burning Rates and Flame Structures of Ammonium Perchlorate/Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene Compositions at Various Pressures

S. Isert1, G.A. Risha2, T.L. Connell, Jr.2, T.D. Hedman3, R.P. Lucht1, R.A. Yetter2, S.F. Son1

1Purdue University

2The Pennsylvania State University

3Naval Air Warfare Center


10:25 AM–10:45 AM                                                              COFFEE BREAK – Seville Foyer


A6: Fire in Narrow Channels and Laminar Flame Spread

Salon III

Session Chair:  Dr. Vedha Nayagam

B6: High Energy Combustion and Explosion

Seville III

Session Chair:  Dr. Nick Glumac

C6: Turbulent Flames


Salon VIII

Session Chair. Dr. S. Gollahalli

D6: New Concepts


Salon IX

Session Chair:  Dr. Brian Fisher


A601:  Chemical Explosive Mode Analysis of Asymmetric Flames in Narrow Channels
Mohsen Ayoobi, Ingmar Schoegl
Louisiana State University


B601:  Combustion Synthesis of Molybdenum Silicides and Borosilicides for Ultrahigh-Temperature Structural Applications
Mohammad Alam, Evgeny Shafirovich
University of Texas at El Paso

C601:  Modeling Diesel Engine Conditions with Multi-Flamelet RIF Model
Prithwish Kundu1, Yuanjiang Pei2, Sibendu Som2
1North Carolina State University

2Argonne National Laboratory


D601:  Combustion Characteristics of Hydrogen/Oxygen Mixtures in Confined Nanoscale Channels with Ideal and Real Walls
Guiyuan Mo, Li Qiao
Purdue University


A602:  A Three-Dimensional Transient Model for Flame Growth and Extinction in Concurrent Flows

Xiaoyang Zhao   James S. TÕien

Case Western Reserve University

B602:  On the Validity of Flame Speed Models from Pressure Data in Dust Explosions
Joseph Kalman, Nick G Glumac, Herman Krier
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

C602:  An Analysis of the Structure of Spray A flame Using Transported TPDF Modeling
Yuanjiang Pei1, Evatt Hawkes2, Sanghoon Kook2, Graham Goldin3, Sibendu Som1
1Argonne National Laboratory, 2The University of New South Wales, 3Ansys, Inc.

D602:  Droplet Breakup of Micro- and Nano-Dispersed Carbon-in-Water Colloidal Suspensions under Intense Radiation
Jian Xu, Li Qiao
Purdue University


A603:  Computation of Flame Propagation Through Stratified Fuel-Air Mixtures
Viswanath Katta1, Stephen Zeppieri2, Meredith Colket2, William Roquemore3
1Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc

2United Technologies Research Center

3Air Force Research Laboratory

B603:  Optical Measurements of Dispersion and Ignition Effects on Particle Concentration in Constant Volume Dust Explosion Experiments
Joseph Kalman, Nick G Glumac, Herman Krier
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


C603:  Effect of Frequency Variation and Driving Pressure Amplitude on Global Flame Response in a Low Swirl Burner
Kelsey Kaufman, Jianan Zhang,

Albert Ratner
University of Iowa


D603:  Efficiency Improvements with Low Heat Rejection Concepts Applied to Low Temperature Combustion
Michael Penny, Joshua Bittle,

Timothy Jacobs
Texas A&M University


A604:  Invariant Forms of Conservation Equations for Reactive Fields and Hydro-Thermo-Diffusive Structure of Laminar Flames

Siavash Sohrab

Northwestern University


B604:  Two-Dimensional Pyrometry for Measurements of Flame Structure in Energetic Systems
Sasank Vemulapati, Joseph Kalman, Michael Clemenson, Nick G Glumac, Herman Krier

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

C604:  Quantitative Imaging of Radiation Intensity from a Turbulent Lean Premixed Flame
Dong Han, Robert Kapaku, Shengguang Tian, Jay Gore
Purdue University

D604:  Time-Resolved PIV Measurements in a Swirl-Stabilized Combustor without and with Porous Insert Media for Acoustic Control

Joseph Meadows, Ajay Agrawal

University of Alabama


12:05 PM–1:30 PM                                          LUNCH – Seville I-II (Box Lunches Available at Seville Foyer)

                                                                                       Teacher Outreach Program Presentation II

Facility Tour of John Zink Hamworthy Combustion (11920 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK  74116)

1:30 PM                      Bus Departs Hotel for John Zink

1:45 PM–4:00 PM     John Zink Test Center Tour

4:00 PM                      Bus Departs for Tulsa International Airport

~ Adjourn ~

Next Meetings:                        35th International Symposium on Combustion, San Francisco, CA (August 03–08, 2014)

9th US National Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio (May 17-20, 2015)