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2018 Spring Technical Meeting
Central States Section of The Combustion Institute
Sunday, May 20
16:00 Registration Desk Opens West Wing Lobby
18:00 Pinnacle Ballroom
Opening Reception

Sponsored by TSI Inc.

20:00 Reception Ends
Monday, May 21
07:00 Breakfast Pinnacle Ballroom
Registration Desk Opens West Wing Lobby
08:00 Welcome and Introduction Pinnacle Ballroom

Prof. William Northrop (University of Minnesota)
Prof. Mos Kaveh (Dean, College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota)

08:15 Plenary Session I Pinnacle Ballroom

Successfully integrating sustainable fuel into the transportation sector — or why I like ethanol
Prof. Margaret Wooldridge (University of Michigan)

Chair: Prof. Timothy Jacobs (Texas A&M University)
09:15 Break Pinnacle Foyer
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1 Diagnostics I Reaction Kinetics I Fire Research I IC Engines I
Chair: James Michael Chair: John Randazzo Chair: Ya-Ting Liao Chair: Kathleen Tacina
09:25 Scattering referenced aerosol phosphor thermometry

Dustin Witkowski, David A. Rothamer
Study of autoignition process of propane fuel at high pressure using rapid compression machine

Tushar Goyal, Dhrumil Trivedi, Joshua A. Piehl, Omid Samimi-Abianeh
Smoke toxicity measurements in a smoke density chamber

Yumi Matsuyama, Fumiaki Takahashi
A comprehensive ignition system model for spark ignition engine combustion simulations

Haiwen Ge, Peng Zhao
09:45 Femtosecond three-photon-excited LIF detection of atomic hydrogen in adiabatic H2/air flames

Ayush Jain, Yejun Wang, Waruna D. Kulatilaka
Ignition delay times, laminar flame speeds, and species time-histories in the H2S/CH4 system at atmospheric pressure

Clayton R. Mulvihill, Charles L. Keesee, Travis Sikes, Rodolfo Teixeira, Olivier Mathieu, Eric L. Petersen
Effect of flow duct height on concurrent-flow flame spread and the near-limit oscillation

Yanjun Li, Ya-Ting T. Liao, Paul V. Ferkul
Cyclic variability of in-cylinder flame luminosity in gasoline direct injection engines

Joonho Jeon, William F. Northrop, Charles E.A. Finney
10:05 Radially and temporally resolved X-ray densitometry in miniature shock tube

Rizwan A. Shaik, Alan L. Kastengren, Patrick T. Lynch
Ignition delay times and H2O measurements during methanol oxidation behind reflected shock waves

Laura T. Pinzon, Olivier Mathieu, Clayton R. Mulvihill, Ingmar Schoegl, Eric L. Petersen
Smoke characteristics and dynamics in microgravity

Everett A. Wenzel, M. Robida, Sean C. Garrick
Effect of thermal barrier coatings on the efficiency and knock limit of a small natural gas fueled spark ignited engine

Saager Paliwal, Michael Andrie, Sage L. Kokjohn
10:25 An experimental and modeling study of CO formation in piloted liquid spray flames

Yejun Wang, Salar Taghizadeh, Dorrin Jarrahbashi, Waruna Kulatilaka
Studying the impact of different organic silicon structures on syngas auto-ignition behavior

Rachel A. Schwind, Margaret S. Wooldridge, Robert S. Tranter
Microgravity two-sided concurrent flame spread over a thick PMMA slab

Sandra L. Olson, David L. Urban, Gary A. Ruff, Paul V. Ferkul, Balazs Toth, Christian Eigenbrod, Florian Meyer
Diesel fuel cetane number effects on engine emissions and efficiency

Benjamin J. McKeathen, Timothy J. Jacobs
10:45 Break Pinnacle Foyer
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2 Diagnostics II Reaction Kinetics II Combustion Theory and Modeling I IC Engines II
Chair: Patrick Lynch Chair: Scott Goldsborough Chair: Suo Yang Chair: Peng Zhao
11:05 Mode decomposition and convolutional neural network analysis of thermoacoustic instabilities in a Rijke tube

Anthony LoCurto, Tryambak Gangopadhyay, Paige Boor, Soumik Sarkar, James B. Michael
Dimerization rate coefficients of polyaromatic hydrocarbons: Insights from reactive molecular dynamics

Eirini Goudeli, Christopher J. Hogan
Grid and domain sensitivities in Large Eddy Simulations of a premixed turbulent bluff-body flame

Joshua P. Sykes, Christopher A. Fugger, Brent A. Rankin, Andrew W. Caswell
Chemiluminescence measurements in a combustor using a 7-point lean direct injector array configuration for gas turbine engine applications

Tyler G. Capil, Kathleen M. Tacina, Yolanda R. Hicks
11:25 A new measurement model for an Unscented Kalman filter for effective rise time reduction of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy measurements

David Wilson, Casey Allen
Shock-tube studies of Sarin surrogates

Olivier Mathieu, Waruna D. Kulatilaka, Eric L. Petersen
Experimental and numerical investigation of flame kernel formation and propagation in methane/air mixtures

Saeid Zare, Shrabanti Roy, Lameed Ayo Onigbanjo, Omid Askari
Fundamental study of a 7-element fuel injector configuration for gas turbine combustors. A look at cold flow and burning measurements

Yolanda R. Hicks, Tyler G. Capil, Robert C. Anderson, Kathleen M. Tacina
11:45 Simultaneous particle flow-field characterization and metal speciation in the reaction zone of metalized AP/HTPB propellants

Nicholas Niemiec, Catherine Dillier, Daniel Guildenbecher, Eric L. Petersen, Waruna D. Kulatilaka
An experimental study of the high temperature reactions of four butyl radical isomers

John B. Randazzo, Ahren W. Jasper, Raghu Sivaramakrishnan, Robert S. Tranter
Quasi-2D formulation for premixed-flame propagation in narrow channels

Daniel Martínez-Ruiza, Daniel Fernández-Galisteo, Mario Sánchez-Sanz
A sensitivity study on soot and NOx formation in high pressure combustion system

Khaled Mosharraf Mukut, Somesh P. Roy
12:05 Towards in-cylinder temperature imaging using formaldehyde Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Joshua Herzog, Kazuro Hotta, Yuji Oda, David A. Rothamer
Initial study of the elementary reaction rates for iso-propanol pyrolysis in a rapid compression facility

Andrew B. Mansfield, Scott W. Wagnon, Charlotte M. Thomas, Margaret S. Wooldridge
Trajectory-based combustion control enabled by free piston engine

Chen Zhang, Abhinav Tripathi, Zongxuan Sun
Effects of fuel properties on particle number and particle mass emissions from lean and stoichiometric gasoline direct injection engine operation

Noah Bock, Joonho Jeon, David Kittelson, William F. Northrop
12:25 Pinnacle Ballroom
Lunch and Annual Business Meeting

13:35 Plenary Session II Pinnacle Ballroom

Special Topic on Diagnostics: presentations and open discussion

Recent advances in laser diagnostics for combustion applications
Dr. Matt Stegmeir (TSI Inc.)

Particle technology for engine emissions exhaust diagnostics
Dr. Sherrie Elzey (TSI Inc.)

Synchrotron X-ray diagnostics for multiphase flows and combustion
Dr. Alan Kastengren (Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory)

Chair: Prof. Waruna Kulatilaka (Texas A&M University)
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3 Laminar Flames I Alternative Fuels & Emissions I Fire Research II IC Engines III /
Novel Combustion
Chair: Moshen Ayoobi Chair: Casey Allen Chair: Charles Finney Chair: Ethan Eagle
15:00 Electric-field effects on flames in microgravity on the International Space Station

Yu-Chien Chien, Jesse Tinajero, Dennis Stocker, Uday Hegde, Derek Dunn-Rankin
The effects of SiO2 and TiO2 on the two-phase burning behavior of aqueous HAN propellant

James C. Thomas, Gabriel D. Homan-Cruz, Jacob M. Stahl, Eric L. Petersen
Subfilter and transport modeling for Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent nonpremixed sooting flames

Suo Yang, Jeffry K. Lew, Michael E. Mueller
Simulations of flame propagation during the ignition process in an annular multiple-injector combustor

Dongmei Zhao, Qizhao Lin, Yifan Xia, Haiwen Ge, Gaofeng Wang
15:20 Laminar flame speed and laser absorption measurements of various kerosene-based fuels

Charles L. Keesee, Eric L. Petersen
Energy balance and reactor performance of thermochemical recuperation for dual-fuel diesel engines using hydrous ethanol

Seamus Kane, Jeffrey Hwang, William F. Northrop
Effects of moisture content on burning characteristics of woods in a cone calorimeter

Ye Tian, Jiyuan Kang, Fumiaki Takahashi
Hot jet ignition delay characterization of methane and hydrogen at elevated temperatures

Ali Tarraf Kojok, M.E. Feyz, M. Razi Nalim
15:40 Experimental study on laminar burning speed for anisole/air mixture

Saeid Zare, Lameed Ayo Onigbanjo, Shrabanti Roy, Omid Askari
Feasibility of operating a small spark-ignited engine on dilute acetogenically-generated gases from wastewater

Omar Y. Ahmed, William F. Northrop
Experimental and numerical investigation of the ignition and burning characteristics of a group of wooden pieces

Byoungchul Kwon, Ya-Ting T. Liao
Exit flow field of methane-fueled rotating detonation engine measured by time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry

Daniel Depperschmidt, C. Welch, R. Miller, J. Tobias, Mruthunjaya Uddi, Ajay K. Agrawal
16:00   A comprehensive characterization of spark ignited exhaust emissions during transient load cycles

Dylan Lehmier, Casey Allen
Flame spread rate measurements of alternative aviation fuels

Vikrant Goyal, Yerbatyr Tursyn, Jupyoung Kim, Seunghyun Jo, Robert P. Lucht, Jay P. Gore
Effects of obstacle configuration on flame propagation regimes and explosion severity

Cassio B. Ahumada, M. Sam Mannan, Eric L. Petersen
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4 Laminar Flames II Alternative Fuels & Emissions II Novel Combustion Techniques II Turbulent Combustion /
Chair: Omid Askari Chair: David Rothamer Chair: James Thomas Chair: Ajay Agrawal
16:40 Temperature effect on autoignition for a premixed jet in vitiated coflow

Tyler C. Owens, Stephen W. Grib, Michael W. Renfro
Laser based diagnostics for in-situ observation of product formation in biomass pyrolysis

Jordan A. Tiarks, Chloe E. Dedic, Robert C. Brown, Terrence R. Meyer, James B. Michael
Aluminum-nickel combustion for joining lunar regolith ceramic tiles

Robert E. Ferguson, Evgeny Shafirovich
A novel in-situ flamelet tabulation methodology for the Representative Interactive Flamelet model

Prithwish Kundu, Joseph Scroggins, Muhsin M. Ameen, Sibendu Som
17:00 Auto-ignitive deflagration of CH4 blended DME/air mixtures with composition stratification

Swapnil Desai, Ramanan Sankaran, Hong G. Im
Optical engine investigation of diesel combustion using a novel transgenic plant oil

Michael A. Groendyk, David A. Rothamer
Dual catalytic mesh opposed-flow partial oxidation reforming of methane

Ying Lin, Martyn V. Twigg, William F. Northrop
A computational study on H2 piloted turbulent methane / air premixed flame with CO2 dilution

Veeraraghava Raju Hasti, Gaurav Kumar, Shuaishuai Liu, Robert P. Lucht, Jay P. Gore
17:20 Near wall flame quenching by a liquid fuel film

Mingyuan Tao, Haiwen Ge, Peng Zhao
Experimental study of CO2 biomass gasification using iron nitrate as a catalyst under high-pressure environment

Rathziel Roncancio, Mehmed S. Ulcay, Jay P. Gore, Jorge E. Arango
Effect of fuel properties and atomizing air to liquid ratio on combustion performance of a novel twin-fluid injector

Oladapo S. Akinyemi, Lulin Jiang, Jacob Bruno
Effect of traversing motion of turbulent-reactive-hot jet on ignition of CH4-H2 blends in a long constant-volume combustor

M. Arshad Z. Chowdhury, A. Tarraf Kojok, Mohammad E. Feyz, M. Razi Nalim
17:40 Stabilization of a premixed jet in vitiated coflow

Stephen W. Grib, Tyler C. Owens, Michael W. Renfro
Biochar analysis from biomass gasification

Tejasvi Sharma, Guiyan Zhang, Diego M. Yepes Maya, Albert Ratner, Electo E. Silva Lora
Time-resolved measurements of copper oxide-CeO2-Ni-based perovskite for chemical looping combustion

Rajagopalan V. Ranganathan, Steven M. Fondriest, Mruthunjaya Uddi
Ethanol autoignition inhibition by ferrocene-generated iron nanoparticles

Xiaolu Chen, Ying Lin, William F. Northrop
18:00 Experimental analysis of the oscillatory motion of premixed flames propagating in a Hele-Shaw cell

Fernando Veiga-López, Daniel Martínez-Ruiz, Mario Sánchez-Sanz, Eduardo Fernández-Tarrazo
Performance of aluminum-coated nano-sized boron additives in AP/HTPB propellants

Catherine A.M. Dillier, Andrew R. Demko, James C. Thomas, Kevin Grossman, Sudipta Seal, Eric L. Petersen
19:00 Pinnacle Ballroom

Tuesday, May 22
07:00 Breakfast Pinnacle Ballroom
Registration Desk Opens West Wing Lobby
08:00 Plenary Session III Pinnacle Ballroom

Can vapor clouds more easily transition from deflagration to detonation at large scales?
Dr. Scott Davis (GexCon US)

James E. Peters Plenary Lecture

Chair: Prof. Eric Petersen (Texas A&M University)
09:00 Break & room changes Pinnacle Foyer
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5 Laminar Flames III Reaction Kinetics III Industrial and Applied Combustion Droplets and Sprays I
Chair: Mruthnjaya Uddi Chair: Clayton Mulvihill Chairs: Chuck Baukal & Charles Finney Chair: Alan Kastengren
09:15 Laminar flame speeds of DEMP, DMMP, and TEP added to H2- and CH4-air mixtures

Travis Sikes, Olivier Mathieu, Waruna D. Kulatilaka, M. Sam Mannan, Eric L. Petersen
A machine learning-based ignition delay model for gasoline-type fuels with a range of reactivity

Janardhan Kodavasal, S. Scott Goldsborough
Water/steam injection for NOx reduction in process heaters

Steve Londerville, K. Anderson, Charles Baukal, Wes Bussman
Digital-inline holography for drop sizing from high velocity wall impact

Reetam Das, Abhijeet Chausalkar, Chol-Bum M. Kweon, Song-Charng Kong, James B. Michael
09:35 Effect of acetone contamination on laminar flame speed of acetylene

Mattias A. Turner, Eric L. Petersen
Chemical kinetic modeling of ignition in HRRST

Mingyuan Tao, Patrick T. Lynch, Peng Zhao
Characteristics of “rumble” in industrial furnaces and boilers

Thomas J. Flynn, Timothy A. Fuller, Suzana Rufener, Charles E.A. Finney, C. Stuart Daw
Dynamic evaluation of the Finite Particle Method for computing surface tension

Everett A. Wenzel, Sean C. Garrick
09:55 Unsteady negative edge flames in a periodic flow

Stephen W. Grib, Michael W. Renfro
A new shock-tube facility for studying large-hydrocarbon-based mixtures

Joshua W. Hargis, Olivier Mathieu, Sean P. Cooper, Bing Guo, Eric L. Petersen
New air assisted flare design to handle low flowrate of waste gases

Hayder A. Al-Hameedi, Joseph D. Smith
Effect of injector swirl number on spray characteristics of a novel swirl-burst injector

Vu Danh, Lulin Jiang, John T. Frank, Charles E. Taylor
10:15 Sooting tendencies of various partially premixed 1-alkene counterflow flames

Krishna C. Kalvakala, Suresh K. Aggarwal
Insights on fuel performance in advanced compression ignition engines: Combining engine thermodynamic trajectory and fuel ignition delay iso-contour

Mingyuan Tao, Peng Zhao, Patrick T. Lynch
  A droplet vaporization-adaptive surrogate model applied to jet fuels

Alanna Y. Cooney, Simcha L. Singer
10:35 Break Pinnacle Foyer
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6 IC Engines IV Reaction Kinetics IV /
Alternative Fuels III
Combustion Theory and Modeling II Droplets and Sprays II
Chair: Tyler Capil Chair: Travis Sikes Chair: Dorrin Jarrahbashi Chair: Yolanda Hicks
10:55 Swirl-venturi lean direct injection combustion technology for low-NOx aero gas turbine engines

Kathleen M. Tacina
Ethanol mechanism development and validation

Antowan Zyada, Omid Samimi-Abianeh
Perturbations in reacting flows: New scaling analyses

Jeffrey Santner, S. Scott Goldsborough
Surrogate fuel strategy for multi-component Diesel spray simulations

Mandhapati Raju, Anshul Mittal, Mingjie Wang, Zhaoyu Luo, Jerome Le Moine, Yuanjiang Pei, Alexander Voice
11:15 Effect of reformed fuel on diesel pilot ignition particulate morphology

Flavio Dal Forno Chuahy, Tyler Strickland, Nicholas Ryan Walker, Sage L. Kokjohn
A shock-tube study of the H2-N2O system using H2O absorption and ignition delay times

Clayton R. Mulvihill, Olivier Mathieu, Eric L. Petersen
Simulation of a diesel fuel jet with a 3D stochastic soot model

Tyler Strickland, Sage L. Kokjohn
Study of cone angle effects on “Spray A” liquid and vapor penetration rate using CFD model

Heno Antony, S. Hadi Seyedi, W. Ethan Eagle
11:35 Raman spectroscopy of engine-out soot using different laser power

Haiwen Ge, Zhipeng Ye, Gaihua Ye, Rui He
Shock-tube auto-ignition study of multicomponent fuels: Jet-A, RP-1 and DF-2

Sulaiman A. Alturaifi, Eric L. Petersen
Effects of reaction rates uncertainties on turbulent spray combustion simulation

Joshua A. Piehl, Luis Bravo, Omid Samimi-Abianeh
Quantifying transient fuel-air mixing in a high pressure reacting spray

C. Taber Wanstall, Ajay K. Agrawal, Joshua A. Bittle
11:55   A study into the chemical timescale for a toroidal jet-stirred reactor (TJSR)

Robert Stachler, Erin Peiffer, Shane Kosir, Joshua Heyne, Scott Stouffer
Single particle, pore-resolving simulation of coal char oxy-combustion

Scott Jorgensen, Simcha L. Singer
Numerical study of cone-angle effect on Spray “A” ignition delay

S. Hadi Seyedi, Heno Antony, W. Ethan Eagle
12:30 Pinnacle Ballroom
Box Lunch

14:00 University of Minnesota

Tours of T.E. Murphy Engine Research Laboratory

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17:00 University of Minnesota End of Tour