2012 Combustion Art Competition

Prize for Artistic Merit — “Ternary Flame Art Image”

“This image shows a ternary flame system with a Santoro burner below a ring burner. The steady soot column generated by the acetylene diffusion flame passes into the hydrogen ring flame, where it is oxidized. This allows soot oxidation to be studied in the absence of soot formation. The camera is a Nikon D100 digital still camera at 6.1 megapixels. This research is supported by NSF.”
H. Guo, P.M. Anderson, P.B. Sunderland (University of Maryland)

Prize for Technical Merit — “Flame Personality Disorder”

“This is a rainbow schlieren video rendering of a fuel lean swirl stabilized combustion process captured at 50,000 frames per second. Therefore, every second of this video represents approximately 2.4 milliseconds in real time. The flame results in two distinct regions of turbulent disorder. The lower half of the video shows fast, small-scale turbulent structures in the reaction zone that dissipate nearly instantaneously at the flame boundary. Larger scale, slower moving turbulent structures develop downstream of the flame in the product flow region.”
Dan Mitchell (University of Alabama)