Outstanding Student Presentation

The Outstanding Student Presentation award is granted for the best presentation by a student at the biennial Spring Technical Meeting.

2018 (Minneapolis MN)
Fernando Veiga-LópezUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid Experimental analysis of the oscillatory motion of premixed flames propagating in a Héle–Shaw cell
Stephen W. GribUniversity of Kentucky Unsteady negative edge flames in a periodic flow
2016 (Knoxville TN)
Chloe E. DedicIowa State University Experimental measurements and modeling of Q-branch N2 hybrid fs/ps coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering at elevated pressures
Mark GragstonUniversity of Tennessee Quantitative measurements of atomic oxygen in elevated pressure hydrocarbon flame
Jiyuan KangCase Western Reserve University Computer tomography based structure characterization of expanded intumescent coatings for fire protection
Varun RameshUniversity of Wisconsin – Madison Measurement of nitrogen oxides in constant volume combustion vessel exhaust
2014 (Tulsa OK)
Kenneth W. McCown IIITexas A&M UniversityE.L. PetersenModified burning rates of aqueous HAN solutions containing methanol and metal oxides
Joseph MeadowsUniversity of AlabamaA.K. AgrawalTime-resolved PIV measurements in lean premixed swirl stabilized combustor without and with porous inert media for acoustic control
Michael A. PennyTexas A&M UniversityT.J. JacobsEfficiency improvements with low heat rejection concepts applied to low temperature combustion
Evan VargasTexas Tech UniversityM.L. PantoyaThe effects of particle size and packing density on microwave heating of aluminum powder compacts
2010 (Champaign IL)
Maria AgathouUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignD.C. KyritsisA comparative experimental study of butanol electrosprays through phase-doppler anemometry
2008 (Tuscaloosa AL)
Melissa HoltmeyerWashington University in St. LouisR. AxelbaumBlow-off behavior for oxy-coal flames with varying oxygen-enrichment in N2 and CO2 environments
2006 (Cleveland OH)
Jignesh MaunUniversity of MarylandP. SunderlandThin film pyrometry with a digital still camera
2004 (Austin TX)
Tershia PinderUniversity of MichiganA. AtreyaAn experimental investigation of the effect of fuel concentration and velocity fluctuations on non-premixed jet flames
2002 (Knoxville TN)
Sha ZhangUniversity of KentuckyJ.M. McDonoughA low-order discrete dynamical system model of turbulent fluctuations in a reduced mechanism for H2-O2 combustion