2010 Combustion Art Competition

First Place — “Porous Inert Media with Stable Methane Flame”

“The flame produces a sound pressure level of 92.1 dB at an equivalence ratio of 0.7. An artistic sound plot spans across the bottom of the image.”
L. Justin Williams (University of Alabama)

Second Place — “Flame, Gone With Butterfly”

“CH4/Air premixed flame attached to a carbon-coated brass matrix cooled with water. Fuel rich to fuel lean from left to right and top to bottom by increasing air flow rate and decreasing CH4 flow rate. Small flames dance around and a butterfly appears. When the butterfly flies away, flame is gone.”
Yanan Gan and Li Qiao (Purdue University)

Third Place — “The Heated Man in the Moon”

“This Schlieren Image captures a turbulent hydrogen jet mixing with quiescent air (on the right), ignited by a spark plug (on the left) and the flame propagating through a constant volume combustion chamber.”
Tanisha L. Booker (University of Alabama)