James E. Peters Plenary Lecture

The Section designates one plenary lecture at each biennial Spring Technical Meeting to honor the memory of Prof. James E. Peters, who was serving as Section Chair at the time of his death.

2002Gerard M. FaethUniversity of MichiganOptical and reactive properties of soot in flame environment
2003James F. DriscollUniversity of MichiganPremixed turbulent combustion — Current knowledge and new challenges
2004Charles E. Baukal, Jr.The John Zink CompanyApplied combustion research in industry
2006William E. Harrison IIIU.S. Department of EnergyThe Clean Fuel Initiative
2008Andre L. BoehmanPennsylvania State UniversityBiofuels for transportation: Challenges and opportunities
2010Dennis McDonaldThe Babcock & Wilcox CompanyOxy-combustion for the boiler industry
2012Robert BrownIowa State UniversityWhy are we producing biofuels?
2014Thomas M. KorbThe John Zink CompanyChallenges in industrial combustion R&D
2016Kenneth BrezinskyUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoUIC single pulse shock tube studies of fuels and the unanswered questions they raise
2018Scott DavisGexCon USCan vapor clouds more easily transition from deflagration to detonation at large scales?
2020Plenary lecture cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic
2022Kuo-Cheng (Steven) LinAir Force Research LaboratoryExploration of liquid sprays relevant to high-speed air-breathing propulsion systems using X-ray diagnostics
2024Carlos Fernandez- PelloUniversity of California, BerkeleyWildland fire spot ignition and subsequent growth