Board of Advisors

The officers, chairs, and at-large members are listed below, with their affiliation and the year that their term expires (superscripts denote term numbers). Of the 20 current members, 14 are from academia, 4 are with government agencies, and 2 are from industry.

Position (Term)HolderAffiliationTerm
Officers & Chairs
Chair (2025)Waruna KulatilakaTexas A&M University2027*
Chair-Elect (2025)Ramanan SankaranOak Ridge National Laboratory2029*
Treasurer (2027)1Patrick T. LynchUniversity of Illinois at Chicago2035*
Secretary (2027)1Monique S. McClainPurdue University20311
Past-Chair (2025)Robert S. TranterArgonne National Laboratory2025*
Program Chair (2026)Kalyan K. SrinivasanUniversity of Alabama20262
Program Vice-Chair (2026)Babak ShotorbanUniversity of Alabama–Huntsville20281
Local Arrangements ChairEric L. PetersenTexas A&M University20242
Combustion Art Competition ChairYa-Ting LiaoCase Western Reserve University20241
Outreach ChairKalyan K. SrinivasanUniversity of Alabama20262
Associate Treasurer Omid Samimi-AbianehWayne State University20281
Webmaster & Archivist [non-voting]Charles E.A. FinneyOak Ridge National Laboratory
At-Large Members
Michael BunceMahle Powertrain LLC20281
William F. NorthropUniversity of Minnesota20282
Timothy M. OmbrelloAir Force Research Laboratory20281
Albert RatnerUniversity of Iowa20242
David A. RothamerUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison20281
P. Kelly SenecalConvergent Science, Inc.20262
Steven F. SonPurdue University20242
Kathleen M. TacinaNASA Glenn Research Center20262