Board of Advisors

The officers, chairs, and at-large members are listed below, with their affiliation and the year that their term expires (superscripts denote term numbers). Of the 20 current members, 14 are from academia, 4 are with government agencies, and 2 are from industry.

Position (Term)HolderAffiliationTerm
Officers & Chairs
Chair (2023)Robert S. TranterArgonne National Laboratory2025*
Chair-Elect (2023)Waruna KulatilakaTexas A&M University2027*
Treasurer (2023)3Tonghun LeeUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2023*
Secretary (2023)1Ramanan SankaranOak Ridge National Laboratory20241
Past-Chair (2023)Timothy J. JacobsTexas A&M University2023*
Program Chair (2024)Steven F. SonPurdue University20242
Program Vice-Chair (Acting)Waruna KulatilakaTexas A&M University2027*
Local Arrangements ChairEric L. PetersenTexas A&M University20242
Combustion Art Competition ChairYa-Ting LiaoCase Western Reserve University20241
Outreach ChairKalyan K. SrinivasanUniversity of Alabama20262
Associate TreasurerPatrick T. LynchUniversity of Illinois at Chicago20261
Webmaster & Archivist [non-voting]Charles E.A. FinneyOak Ridge National Laboratory
At-Large Members
Michael BunceMahle Powertrain LLC20281
Monique S. McClainPurdue University20281
William F. NorthropUniversity of Minnesota20282
Timothy M. OmbrelloAir Force Research Laboratory20281
Albert RatnerUniversity of Iowa20242
David A. RothamerUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison20281
Omid Samimi-AbianehWayne State University20281
P. Kelly SenecalConvergent Science, Inc.20262
Babak ShotorbanUniversity of Alabama-Huntsville20281
Kathleen M. TacinaNASA Glenn Research Center20262