2018 Combustion Art Competition

Prize for Artistic Merit — “Anisolography”

“A sequenial presentation of changes of the flame radius and cell formation during the combustion of anisole/air mixture in a constant volume combustion chamber at 2 atm initial pressure, equivalence ratio of 1, and initial temperature of 453 K. The sequence forms a shape similar to a Nautilus shell.
The background picture is a Middle Eastern tile art from the tomb of the poet Hafez (1315–1390).”
Saeid Zare and Omid Askari (Mississippi State University)

Prize for Technical Merit — “Rotating Detonation Combustion”

“This high speed video taken at 30 kHz shows the flow at the exit of a rotating detonation combustor at the University of Alabama. A choke ring is placed at the exit to operate the combustor at a high pressure using methane fuel and enriched air, 50% nitrogen and 50% oxygen by volume. A hydrogen-oxygen pre-detonator is used to ignite the fuel-air mixture which then initiates detonation in the annular channel of the combustor. The video depicts the exhaust flow starting from ignition which subsequently results in continuous rotating detonation. The detonation waves rotates at about 6200 Hz corresponding to wave velocity of about 2000 m/s.”
Robert Miller and Ajay K. Agrawal (University of Alabama)