Undergraduate Research Competition

The Undergraduate Research Competition was established in 2020 to recognize outstanding combustion research by undergraduate students. The 2020 competition was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the competition resumed in 2022. Awardees are invited to present their work at a technical meeting of the Section.

2024Joseph JacobsTexas A&M UniversityEric L. PetersenNovel method for measuring laminar flame speed of lubrication oil mist in air
2024Sean PiasTexas A&M UniversityWaruna D. KulatilakaDevelopment and characterization of a high-pressure burner facility for optical diagnostics of ammonia flames
2023Dominic CurtisYale UniversityCharles McEnally & Lisa PfefferleEmpirical trends in the sooting tendencies of non-cyclic alkanes
2023Jacob KleinWayne State UniversityOmid Samimi-AbianehMeasuring autoignition-assisted laminar flame speed
2023James RingsbyCornell UniversitySadaf SobhaniExperimental investigation of flame stability in porous burners under unsteady operating conditions
2022Ashley JamesUniversity of AlabamaAjay K. AgrawalSimultaneous chemiluminescence imaging of multiple combustion species utilizing a single high-speed camera
2022Jacob KleinWayne State UniversityOmid Samimi-AbianehDetermining gas temperature and species concentrations using filtered infrared emission